Dine Outdoors This Summer in Philly Near One Cathedral Square

June 2, 2024 | Around Town | Dining
Dine Outdoors This Summer in Philly Near One Cathedral Square

Summer in Philadelphia is synonymous with sunshine, outdoor adventures, and of course, delightful al fresco dining. If you find yourself near One Cathedral Square, you’re in luck! Here are three fantastic spots where you can soak up the sun and enjoy some of the best food and drinks the city has to offer

Assembly Rooftop Lounge

First on our list is the chic Assembly Rooftop Lounge. Perched atop The Logan Hotel, this stylish bar offers breathtaking views of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and the city skyline. The ambiance is perfect for a sunset cocktail or a late-night gathering under the stars. Their menu features a variety of craft cocktails and small plates, making it an ideal spot for a relaxed evening with friends. Learn more about Assembly Rooftop Lounge.

Café Lift

If you’re in the mood for a cozy brunch spot, look no further than Café Lift. This beloved café is known for its creative and hearty breakfast and brunch options. From their famous cannoli French toast to the savory breakfast burrito, every dish is a delight. The outdoor seating area is charming and perfect for a lazy summer morning. Enjoy a cup of their house blend coffee while soaking in the lively street vibes. Learn more about Cafe Lift.

Harper’s Garden

For a truly enchanting outdoor dining experience, Harper’s Garden is a must-visit. Nestled amidst lush greenery, this restaurant offers a tranquil escape right in the heart of the city. Their menu is a celebration of seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, with standout dishes like the grilled octopus and the roasted chicken. The extensive drink menu, featuring craft beers and artisanal cocktails, complements the fresh, flavorful food perfectly. Learn more about Harper’s Garden.

So, whether you’re in the mood for a rooftop lounge, a cozy brunch, or a garden escape, these spots near One Cathedral Square have got you covered. Cheers to a fantastic summer of outdoor dining in Philly!